Slip Slidin’ Away?

7 Apr

It says a lot about the performances lately that they’ve been able to bring me out of this particular blogging-hibernation. I last wrote on February 12th, just after the first of our Merseyside drubbings. We were due to play Manchester United at home the next day, and frankly whilst the 0-0 draw seemed okay at the time, that period turned out to be some of the most damaging few weeks for Arsenal in a long, long time. 

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Ticking the B-Ox?

12 Feb

Whilst it’s only been a week or so, a lot has happened since I last wrote. Deadline Day has come and gone, and for all Jim White’s jibbering, we missed out on Julian Draxler and signed the experienced Swede Kim Kallstrom. Experienced, and injured. You really couldn’t make it up. We’ve signed a mega-deal with Puma, which has given rise to various rumours linking us to Puma-sponsored players (Balotelli being the one that’s cropped up most frequently/interestingly), and Ornstein says that we’re planning to redevelop our training facilities. Anyway that’s off the pitch; on the pitch, we’ve beaten Crystal Palace fairly convincingly…and then been thumped by Liverpool…whoops!

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Poldi – Out in the Coldi?

30 Jan

Well, the Southampton result wasn’t great, was it…well, it’s not just the result that’s disappointing. As Arsenal fans, we’re inclined to want to see nice, pretty football, sometimes even at the expense of a defeat; nonetheless, as nice as the moral high-ground is, there are more and more people who are content with ‘grinding out results’, a hallmark of the title-winning sides recently (most notably, Manchester United). I guess that when you look at it like that, it’s one point gained. In every other sense, it’s two crucial points lost.

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Draxing Lyrical

26 Jan

Today’s post comes courtesy of Michael Davin, who’s becoming something of a regular here at Les Artilleurs. Anyway, take it away: Arsenal seem to have turned down many a potential transfer over the years because, firstly, they would have to spend more than two Snickers’ worth on the player in question, and because, secondly, they don’t seem to want to have anyone playing for them who plays up front. Or in goal. Or at the back. Or defensively. They just want midfielders; creative ones, preferably. The signing of Mesut Özil may have done something to convince the club’s fans that they are willing to finally spend proper (read: silly) money, as is required to compete at top in the Premier League and in Europe. However, he was another creative midfielder.

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New Year, No Fear

6 Jan

Well, thus far it’s been a very good 2014 – let’s just hope we can keep it up! Judging on our 2013 form (we ended up with the most points in 2013, with 82 points), there could well be some silverware at the end of this season, and given how we so easily dispatched Spuds on Saturday, I’d say that now might even be a good time to get our hopes up. Of course, you never want to be too optimistic (especially when it regards Arsenal’s chances of winning a trophy), but we’re in a very strong position right now.

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The Depth Crisis

16 Oct

Hi all, long time no see! Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I wrote, but to cut a long story short, I’ve been very busy lately (and everything that can be said about Arsenal has already been said anyway). But it’s now the international break (HOORAY!), so we can all look forward to having a nice relaxing few weeks, safe in the knowledge that we’re top of the league. Getting there is tough, and very few people predicted it after our 3-1 opening day defeat to Aston Villa, but even now, people are doubting our ability to stay there, and staying there is what makes you Champions. Continue reading

I feel your S-pain

13 Sep

It’s been almost two long and boring weeks since Deadline Day, and the signing of Mesut Özil still hasn’t quite sunk in yet…I’m sure it will, but it’ll definitely take some time! Apologies for the lack of writing, but I wanted to wait until the window shut before I posted anything else, for fear of jinxing anything! And now that it’s been almost two weeks, everything that can be said about our new superstar has already been covered, so I won’t go into it too much. Instead, I’ll be focusing on another Wenger Deadline Day special from 2011, Mikel Arteta.

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20 Aug

What a disaster that was – it’s Aston Villa at home, for crying out loud! On paper, it’s probably one of the 10 easiest fixtures that we’ve got all season, a real opportunity to claim 3 points, and prove to some of our potential transfer targets that we can actually compete. The 3 points can be made up throughout the season…the knock on effects? That might take something much more substantial.

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Sitting on De-fence

2 Aug

Hi all – sorry for the lack of writing, it’s been a busy few weeks, although clearly not for Arsenal in the transfer window. I won’t go into the whole Luis Suarez debacle, because I tend to jinx any transfer talk whenever I talk about it, but I would like to use it as a way of introducing this particular post, which surrounds our current defensive situation.

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Gun-zalo Higuain

28 Jun

As I write this, pictures of one Carlos Tevez are being circulated around Twitter, adorned in his new Juventus shirt. It may seem irrelevant to Arsenal, but in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. As one Argentine striker departs the Premier League, it clears a pathway for another one, Gonzalo Higuain, to join. In what has been a fairly tepid few weeks, this signing of the Real Madrid man could spark some energy into the lives of Arsenal fans yet again.

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